Reeling from Rejection

This month's article is supporting teachers who have just heard the soul-crushing news, probably delivered by an extremely sympathetic principal:

"There is no position for you next year."

Each year, teachers without permanency face the uncertain risk of their job disappearing due to changes in staffing or school enrolment numbers. I urge you to find the lesson in this experience. Remind yourself that you are not a terrible teacher, you are just an expendable one. This realisation is no less devastating...

 Back in 2016, I was reeling from the fresh pain of rejection and it could only be described as deeply heartbreaking; it took every ounce of resolve to stop myself bursting into tears when I heard that despite all of my hard work, passion, time and effort, there was no contract for me the following year. Like all tough experiences in life, it taught me many valuable lessons, such as:

  • Never put all your eggs in one basket.
  • The world doesn't owe you anything.
  • Don't get bitter, get better!
  • You are good enough, hold your head high!
  • You can bounce back from anything!

That year was full of discovery, determination, and self reflection. I researched any area that I believed needed improvement. I attended hours of professional development and taught at five local schools in the area. I grew as a teacher.


Reflect on the school that rejected you and remember that this would have been a difficult decision for them too.

Forgive the decision.

Forgive the school.

Forgive yourself.

Move forward into the new year with the perspective that all experiences in life, whether they are good or bad, will teach you a lesson. If you are ready, embrace your new opportunities to network and find your perfect school.

Ask for school tours.

Speak to the staff members.

Observe each school's culture.


It may not feel like it right now, but this is a blessing. You can choose how to react to it and whether it will define your year, for better or worse.

Reel in the opportunities, you deserve it.

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