Happy Frickin’ Friday, Teachers!!

I am a teacher, but I am not currently teaching.

Instead I am podcasting, producing, writing, editing, filming, creating, advocating and sharing online. Quitting my permanent teaching position was unexpected, but necessary for many reasons. It was time for risk taking, dream chasing and learning to juggle new creative projects that reflected my love of this supportive international teaching community. 

Connection is key, both inside and outside of the classroom. Fostering connection with children and adults is all about listening; focusing on helping others, rather than wondering how they can help you. It has been incredibly special to interview teachers on the latest seasons of the podcast and learn about each individual's unique journey into this career. The goal of each episode and magazine article has been to learn three things. 

What made you choose teaching?
How do you build connections with your students?
Can you tell me about yourself as a person outside of teaching?

The Wine with Teacher podcast has now reached 82,000 downloads with over 250 positive reviews on Apple Podcasts. It is released fortnightly on Friday. The Wine with Teacher magazine has sold over 1000 copies worldwide. Each issue is filled with articles written by teachers on relevant teaching issues. It is released six times a year.

If you’re new here – I’m Ceri Edwards, the teacher behind Our Creative Classroom. Join me, let’s have a wine or a whine!!

“Our colleagues are a huge untapped resource when it comes to Professional Development. We all have different teaching experiences, different teacher training and different pre-teaching experiences. They all count for something.

I’m so stoked with Ceri for advocating and giving teachers another platform through which they can share their knowledge in the Wine with Teacher magazine. Professional Development doesn’t have to be delivered through a formal course or webinar, and Ceri has proved this by capturing all aspects of teacher (and non-teaching) life while presenting it in a skilful and efficient way. 

The magazine includes stories of vulnerability and success, recommendations for professional and personal readings, teacher resource reviews and practical ideas to go straight into your classroom come Monday. It advocates for teaching wellbeing and integrates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island perspectives.”

Lillian Daley, The Teacher Collection