When are the magazines due to arrive? 

When all pre-orders are finalised, the magazines will be ordered from the commercial printing company and processed five days later. The time-frame of arrival is uncertain due to current border restrictions and the possibility of post being affected by COVID-19. Please allow 6-8 weeks minimum from the time that you ordered and expect possible delays. Thank you for your patience and being one of the first teachers to support this small teacher business. Your order is making a golden dream come true!!

Why is there no international shipping available?

The Wine with Teacher Magazine is not currently shipping to teacher friends outside of Australia. The business will start nationally, then begin global domination. Just kidding! I hope to ship to New Zealand in the near-future, then the United Kingdom, then Europe and finally the United States. Please continue to express your interest via DM or email. Thank you for your support!

What is the total cost of the Quarterly Magazine Collection? 

The total price is $59.95 for three magazines printed on 150 GSM paper with 300 GSM cover. Trust me, this quality is well worth the price! Shipping will cost $10, which is added at check out. This is the lowest price that I could find, without sacrificing the quality of the magazine. This is a keepsake; a proud piece of evidence that our teaching community can reach out through the computer screen and into the real world.

Why can't I purchase one issue separately in print?

For ordering purposes, this option makes the most sense for my small business. Buying individual magazines would cost too much and make the overall singular price unaffordable. Also, the collection has THREE TIMES as many teachers sharing their brilliant stories and experiences.

Why can't I order a subscription to save money?

A magazine subscription would rely on a large number of people subscribing. Right now, the magazine is new and created by just one motivated teacher with the help of hundreds of supportive teachers contributing their stories. You cannot subscribe because the future of the magazine is not set in stone... yet! I will cross my fingers with you, that one day this will be an option. Thank you for dreaming BIG with me!