WWT Club Waitlist

Welcome to the Wine with Teacher Wellbeing Club *WAITLIST*. Boom!!


You’ve made it to the place on the internet where you can let your hair down and be *REAL*. None of this toxic positivity garbage. None of this pressure to do more, buy more, plan more.

I started WWTC because I wanted to connect with genuinely lovely teachers who love to laugh and who aren't scared to say:

"WOW! I love teaching but it is freakin' hard work."

We love our jobs AND we can acknowledge the workload is big.

We love our jobs AND we accept that there are some tricky colleagues.

We love our jobs AND we can be human beings with hobbies and lives.

This isn't a course. It's a community.

This isn’t a course to work through. This isn't another task on your to-do list.

This is a community of REAL teachers who *GET IT*.

It's a space where you have permission to prioritise your personal wellbeing and switch off outside of school hours.

It’s a space to ask and answer questions.

It’s a space to share triumphs and challenges.

It’s a space to re-connect with your passions and hobbies.

It's a space to be a human first, and a teacher SECOND.